Television and Chasing Your Dreams

I've heard the quote that goes something like, Never trust a person who's tv is bigger than their library. I've heard many different versions of it and many entrepreneurs, CEO's and celebrities have been quoted saying some version of it. I have no clue who is the originator or whatever. I think the point is, that if you're devoting your free time to cheap entertainment, you're not improving. 

Recently my home town team, the Phoenix Suns, have made it into the NBA Finals. I decided to watch the games with my family. We're on the East Coast now, and my kids are on summer break, so we let them stay up and watch. 

I've noticed something that proves the non-quote quote above as true. Normally, in the evenings after my kids to go to bed, I focus on developing myself and that usually entails a couple activities. Working out, focusing on my business, tinkering in my shop learning new things, and spending time with my wife. 

Since I've been watching the games at night, and it's only been 3 nights per week for the last 2 weeks, my business has slowed, my works outs and weight loss has slowed, my tinkering time is GONE. Basically, everything I was doing extra to progress my life forward, has slowed down immensely. 

I've worked really hard at nights to create side hustles that turned into businesses that turned into more businesses that turned into growth, learning and or income, sometimes in the form of lump payments for a business or steadily growing income. I've always done it because I enjoy it, but I do see results. 

I have never connected the dots of my constantly active mind to my success, growth and progression, but for the first time in my life, I see a direct correlation to what you do in your free time dictates what you will end up becoming. 

Let's draw some conclusions. If you spend your time watching TV, you're not going to move forward in anything. If you're hanging out with the same old friends, you'll continue doing that. If you're reading books and learning, you'll continue to get smarter. If you're working out (no one can spell the damn word excerisze I swear), you'll be in shape. if you're focusing on building income streams you'll become wealthy. You get the point right?

What you're doing with your free time directly correlates with the direction of your life. "If you always do what you've always done you'll always get what you've always got." Do something different in your routine that revolves around your goals in life. 

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Thanks for the motivation!! Reading this made me want to invest more in myself and my future. Keep up the good work. Love my ghost watch!!👌🏼

Henry M Portillo August 02, 2021

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