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Composite Jewelry

We craft and design all our creations right here in the USA. We specialize in advanced composites like carbon fiber and safe glow in the dark lume. This is the same type of photo luminescent lume found in high end diving watches.


Money Inlay Ring V2Money Inlay Ring V2
On sale

Money Inlay Ring V2

$64 $200
Ebony Super PhantomEbony Super Phantom

Ebony Super Phantom

Amethyst EnergyAmethyst Energy

Amethyst Energy

Evergreen Opal BeastEvergreen Opal Beast
On sale

Evergreen Opal Beast

$245 $295
Caribbean Blue BeastCaribbean Blue Beast

Caribbean Blue Beast

The CometThe Comet
On sale

The Comet

$210 $250
The Black PearlThe Black Pearl

The Black Pearl

Money Inlay Ring V1Money Inlay Ring V1
On sale

Money Inlay Ring V1

$150 $200