Joker Confetti Glow RingJoker Confetti Glow Ring
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Joker Confetti Glow Ring

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1 of 1 Mario Bullet Ring1 of 1 Mario Bullet Ring
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1 of 1 Mario Bullet Ring

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Gray Leather Band Apollo Pre-OwnedGray Leather Band Apollo Pre-Owned
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Rune Refinery | The Glow People

crafted with intent

We craft and design all our creations right here in the USA. We specialize in advanced composites like carbon fiber and safe glow in the dark lume. This is the same type of photo luminescent lume found in high end diving watches.


Our looks

The Glow People

Glow Power

2022 is all about leveraging our lume tech. Expanding our glow product line with new designs in the works.



2021 we transitioned from rings to new products including, watches, bracelets, pendants and more

We made it


2020 wasn't easy for the human race. The name of the game was survival. We tried to put some smiles on faces with our glow during 2020.

scaled back

too big

in 2017,2018 we grew way too big too fast. 2019 we scaled back and got ourselves under control. Releasing new designs frequently but honing our internal operations.

That was a lot of work

So Many Rings

We shipped thousands of rings at this point. We grew fast and cranked out carbon fiber lume rings like crazy



We did over $80,000 on Kickstarter and grew our business super fast right away. 2017 was a fun start to business.