Our Mission is to transform the Jewelry industry. No longer should you be stuck with the same old ring choices. Factory made tungsten, silicone, and gold rings need to go. It's time for something that is stronger, lighter weight and unique.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Our Story - In a Nutshell

Rune Refinery was launched by Tyler Wright and Ryan Parks. We bring unique traits to the business and more importantly a unique drive. Our focus is on creating something truly unique and wonderful. Something different. Something that inspires. We just want to put a smile on our customer's faces.            
Traditionally, the jewelry industry has made very little progress in the past century. Women get a gold ring with a honkin rock on it. Men get some weird ring without a story or any luster. That's about it. So instead of getting a Tungsten ring or gold, or silver, we want you to get something unique and cutting edge.                                                                       
Carbon Fiber is a brand new material to the world. It's stronger than metals in tensile strength and is lighter than any metal. No wonder it's used in Space Ships, Jets, and Super Cars. Now, thanks to us, it's used in rings too. We also learned over the years how to include glow in the dark material that charges up in the sunlight. When you step into a movie theater, you'll notice your ring will be glowing. It's just for fun. Something different. Something to talk about and smile about.                                                                                                    
Our carbon fiber rings are better than majority of rings out there. The glow portion is infused right into the carbon fiber itself. That means your ring is solid and strong. Other companies use resins which crack and break. Some companies put the glow on the inside, which doesn't make any sense. What's the point of glow if you can't even see it?