Our Guarantee

We offer a lifetime warranty on all our designs as long as we stock the raw materials. Should you encounter an issue, please let us know. 

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We do not offer refunds as everything is handcrafted to order, but if there's an issue, please let us know.  

Production Times

Because we hand craft our products. We take our time making them right and making sure they look incredible. We estimate our products will ship as promptly as possible. 

  • For keychains. Production Times are 0-1 Week.
  • For Wrist Bands. Production Times are 1-3 Weeks. 
  • For pendant necklaces. Production Times 3-6 @eeks.
  • For Watches. Production Times are 4-6 weeks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Carbon Fiber? Carbon Fiber is the lightest weight and strongest material on the planet. Your ring will weigh next to nothing, yet is stronger than steel.
  • Which Colors Glow Brightest? From brightest to least bright. Emerald, Turquoise, Cobalt, Coral, Ice, Lavender, Phantom, Fire.
  • Which Colors Glow the Longest? From longest glow to least they are Emerald, Turquoise, Cobalt, Indigo (lavender), Ice, Coral, Fire
  • How Do they Glow? We use a photo luminescent material that charges in sunlight, uv light or bright LED and glows in the dark.
  • How Long Does the Glow Last? This answer depends. It depends on the darkness of the room and the particular ring you buy. In a pitch black room, most rings glow all night long with the exception of orange, fire, lava and ice. They will glow a few hours but won't last a full 8. The more light in a room, the glow lasts less. For example in the middle of the day, your ring will still glow after being in the sun. Walk in the shade and it will glow for a minute or two. 
  • How Do You Charge the Glow? Walk into the sun for 30 seconds or hit it with a UV light or even your cell phone LED light will charge it in 30 seconds or less. 
  • Can It Get Wet? Absolutely. all our materials are submersible including the watches.
  • Is the Glow Safe? It is safe to wear. This is the same type of glow used in lume dials in diving watches, emergency signs in airplanes or the glowing stars in children's bedrooms. Our stuff just glows brighter than those products and we offer it multiple colors.