Rune Refinery was founded in 2017 by Tyler Wright and Dan Poulsen. It is currently being run and managed solely by Tyler Wright though Dan continues to assist in watch designing. I (Tyler) design products that I enjoy to wear. I specifically really love blackened silver, carbon fiber, titanium and lume.

This all started with my love (more like an obsession) with carbon fiber turned into practical uses. I started prototyping, developing and making carbon fiber products for myself. Soon they evolved into jewelry and more. Now I work with a whole group of materials.

When I first got into glow or lume, I noticed most of the glow that was on the market was poorly made and either didn't have a very strong glow intensity, or the makers used a low grade epoxy that would turn yellow over time. 

Then I got brave, I started cutting titanium on manual lathes. Titanium is a hard difficult to work with metal, so it was a little nerve wracking, but with patience, determination and some broken bits, I got pretty damn good at it. 

Many of my creations just started out to be cool, which they all are, but some have different meanings to me and I hope some mean something unique to you too. For example, carbon fiber is associated with technology, innovation and super fast cars. Things I've loved since I was small.

More importantly it is black. I've always felt like I didn't belong and felt like the black sheep of nearly every social situation I've been in since I was a child. Sticking out is nothing new for me. I embrace it whole heartedly now.

I also have a deep rooted love of turquoise. My grandparents had turquoise jewelry and decorations all around their house. I'd like to think that they see the things I've created and would also enjoy what I did with it. They were a big influence fo me getting into making. 

Glow is also important to me. I have lost a few people close to me in life, and every time one of my products glows in the dark, it reminds me of them, of their souls and the memories I have of them. 

Check out my creations and find something that speaks to you.