A Great Value

For those that are curious why this is such a great value. When you find a brand you love that is small, they will mostly be priced lower than what the market or a large company would charge, due to the fact that they have nearly no overhead and they're desparately trying to attract customers. So picking up some of our stuff, is like finding a nice little gem. Here's the detailed reasons why our stuff is amazingly priced. 


A. Nearly all watches under $1K and most under $5K are mass manufactured in China. Your timex, nixon, gshock, whatever. It's all made in the same place in China. I know because I buy some of my parts there, (retaining rings, stem, hands, crown, and other small parts). 

B. Finding a watch with real carbon fiber on it under $1K is extremely rare. We hand cut and work the carbon fiber ourselves. Each watch. 

C. A watch that is partially handmade in the USA for under $1K is almost unheard of. We managed to do it and still put food on the table for our families and I'm super super super proud of that. 

D. Most lume watches have the worst lume ever. I'm not going to name names but I have some lume watches that are marketed as lume watches and they SUCK HARD. Ours use swiss superluminova on the dial and as you know we make our own bezels in house with our super lume material that is made right here in the USA. 

So there it is. 

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