R2Fly Titanium Lume Tag

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These titanium tag pendants are hand inlaid with glow. These are machine finished with a clean up. We don't like to take them too glossy or they start looking too much like silver. We love the gray in titanium and the finish is designed to bring that color out. 

The pendants are 50mm tall or 2 inches tall and 25 mm wide or 1 inch wide. They are 3mm in thickness. They are titanium so they are fairly lightweight. They are solid titanium with a little lume added. 

The lume in the pendants are all hand inlaid by us. The glow colors are described below from brightest to least bright. 

  • Green - is the brightest and lasts the longest, up to 5 hours in this design. 
  • Aqua - second brightest and my personal choice.
  • Ice - it has a milky white appearance during the day but glows a nice teal white. 
  • Blue - The blue is shockingly blue during the day. It glows a lighter blue in the dark. 
  • Fire - is a beautiful ruby red during the day and glows hot orange. 

The glow charges by sunlight, UV light or black light, or even really bright LED lights. It only takes 30 seconds of charging will give them a solid charge and be ready to wear. 

How It's Made

Here's a quick video that shows what goes into making our rings. We hand craft each ring in house made specifically for you. We use the highest grade carbon fiber, ultra pure epoxy that has been cured and post cured for maximum strength, super bright glow and high grade materials across the board. 

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Customer Reviews

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Andres G.
Lacking surface finish

The surface finish was a bit disappointing. There were a few scratches on the front side, as well as an uneven finish on both sides.

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