The Trinity Balance Ring


Product Details

We designed this ring with space and balance in mind. We use three space aged materials to make this band. Titanium, carbon fiber and a bright composite lume make this the Trinity of the space aged materials perfectly balanced for a comfortable, hypoallergenic, band.

  • 12mm Wide
  • Comfort Fit Interior and Exterior
  • Customize your lume stripes
  • Titanium, Carbon Fiber and Composite Lume

This design is a collaboration design with Richter Scale Rings who provides the perfectly cut titanium for us to hand cut, shape and add the carbon fiber and composite lume before we finish it up. 

Production Lead Time

The lead time on this design is 14-30 days. 


Avoid Jewelry Polishing Chemicals, Acetone or nail polish remover. Mild soap and water is the ideal cleaning solution. Water is okay. 


How It's Made

Here's a quick video that shows what goes into making our rings. We hand craft each ring in house made specifically for you. We use the highest grade carbon fiber, ultra pure epoxy that has been cured and post cured for maximum strength, super bright glow and high grade materials across the board. 

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Customer Reviews

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Love It

The Trinity Balance ring is so beautiful! It stands out so much for its awesome craftsmanship, weight, and the use of the trifecta of elements Rune Refinery is known for: Carbon Fiber, Titanium, and, of course, Super Lume. The elegance of this ring truly turns heads.

Rami Wehbe

The Trinity Balance Ring

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