The Blue Water Apollo Carbon Fiber Ring

$135 $149

About The Design

The third version of the iconic Apollo Carbon Fiber Ring that launched Rune Refinery into the stratosphere on Kickstarter years ago. This design is the culmination of years and years of glow development. We are reverting back to the original style but with a new glow. 

What makes this new glow unique is it is the same color during the day as it is while glowing. We were able to make the have a daytime tint without sacrificing glow power. 

How it works

It requires 30 seconds of sunlight, a uv light (aka black light), or just about any bright light will charge it up. It glows in the dark and the darker the room, the longer and more intense the glow is just like the lume on a high end diving watch. 

Carbon Fiber is hypoallergenic, people with traditional metal allergies can wear these rings. Because it's made of carbon fiber makes it extremely lightweight and durable. 

Currently Only New Cobalt will be available! We are going to produce them one at a time to save us on spending tens of thousands of dollars all at once and to allow you to collect them more easily. 


How It's Made

Here's a quick video that shows what goes into making our rings. We hand craft each ring in house made specifically for you. We use the highest grade carbon fiber, ultra pure epoxy that has been cured and post cured for maximum strength, super bright glow and high grade materials across the board. 

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Customer Reviews

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Christopher Curtsinger

Awesome ring. It looks exactly like it does in the pictures.

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