Cobalt Blue Quartz with Green Dial Carbon Fiber Watch

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About The Time Piece

Featuring a Cobalt Blue Glow Bezel with Green Superluminova Dial. The Cobalt Blue is the brightest true blue glow we offer and uses a neutral blue that is off-white during the day to maximize it's glow power. 

This is one of the most unique time pieces ever created. It is partially hand made right here in the USA (how many watches can say that?), it incorporates real carbon fiber and has a lume bezel on the exterior of the case. 

We upgraded a few things with this new watch version. We added a new carbon fiber face. We felt that the carbon fiber face will have a nicer overall appearance. We're adding a date window per many many requests. 


  • Water Resistant Rating to 5 ATM
  • Sapphire Glass with additional AR coating.
  • 43mm case
  • Quartz Miyota Super 2035
  • Blackened Stainless Steel Case
  • Hand Crafted Carbon Fiber Lume Bezel
  • Lume Dial
  • 42 Hour Energy Storage
  • 22mm band

The case itself is blackened stainless steel with an engraved backside. It contrasts nicely against the glow bezel and matches well with the leather band. The crown is engraved with the double R Rune logo.

We spared no expense in designing and making this watch. It is minimal, functional and most importantly, glows bright and long. The watch features is an quartz Miyota movement. It also has ultra durable sapphire glass that is one of the most scratch resistant glasses. 

How Glow Works

The watch is glow in the dark. It charges in the sunlight or with a UV light. 15 seconds in the sun charges up the lume. The darker the room, the brighter and longer lasting the glow is. As time goes on, the glow fades. We use lume instead of tritium because our glow is so much brighter than the brightest tritium that can be used in watches. In addition, Tritium is radioactive and has red tape to work with. Our lume is completely safe to wear and charge up over and over again.

The dial is a green glow dial. The bezels are cast, machined, sanded, polished lume composite made by us.

The Brightness of each bezel color is in order of brightest and longest lasting to least bright with a blurb about benefits of each.

  • Emerald - Green is the longest lasting. It will last up to 10 hours of glow time. 
  • Turquoise - Teal is the second. Beautiful Color (maker's choice).
  • Cobalt - Blue is not far behind and is the most popular color.
  • Ice - White is plenty bright as well, it does have a light teal hue like Ice might. 
  • Indigo - Purple is enchanting to look at it, but it's the only color that has to be charged by sunlight or UV light. It does not charge from normal lamps or bright LEDs.
  • Fire - Fire is beautiful. Striking red appearance during the day, glows hot orange red in the dark. It has a glow duration of approximately 30-60 minutes. 


These watches are partially hand crafted and hand assembled. Please allow 1-2 weeks to be made.

Lifetime Warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty on all our designs. However, should a problem arrive, please fill out the contact form so we can make it right. 


How It's Made

Here's a quick video that shows what goes into making our rings. We hand craft each ring in house made specifically for you. We use the highest grade carbon fiber, ultra pure epoxy that has been cured and post cured for maximum strength, super bright glow and high grade materials across the board. 

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