Need a Resize?

We offer free resizing. Most the time we can take your existing ring and resize it. Occasionally we have to redo it entirely but we are happy to do that. Here's how it works. Send the ring back with a note in the package with your information on it as well as a description of what you need (please send first class, it should be $3) we resize it and send it back to you with tracking. 

For example, if the ring is just a little too tight, say it's just barely too tight. If it's a little loose same thing. If it's WAY off, please indicate the correct size you need. 

Please mail the ring you need resized to

Rune Refinery

3324 E Ray Rd #1015

Higley, AZ 85236

United States


WE NEED TO KNOW WHO IT'S FROM. Please put a note INSIDE the package with your info and what you need us to do.