We have varying production times on different designs and we've created an organized process to estimate the anticipated production times for each design. We created a series of levels based on which makers are skilled enough to make which designs. For example, a Level 3 is a very difficult design and requires that only our senior makers make this design, because it takes longer to make and is far more complicated. We only allow the most seasoned (not with spices but with time lol) make these designs. Level 1 is much simpler and any of our makers are trained and skilled to make these designs and therefore have shorter wait times.

  • LEVEL 1 - These are single part rings that require less time to make because there is no bonding of multiple pieces. These can be made by any of our makers and have an estimated production time of 7-21 days depending on our backlog. 
  • LEVEL 2 - Only experienced makers can make these designs. They are 2 part rings and require two rings to be cut and sized precisely to sleeve together. We then bond those pieces in an oven to properly cure them. These have an estimated production time of 14-45 days. 
  • Level 3 - Only our most senior makers can make these designs. They require multiple pieces and multiple parts to be bonded together. Some of these designs can be comprised of 5-6 different ring components that are bonded together. These are truly very advanced rings and pendants to make and we ask that you be patient on this level of design. Estimated production times can be 21-60 days on these designs.