Our Guarantee

Our number one priority is our customers' happiness.  Everything we make is hand made so no two rings are alike and can vary slightly.  If you are unsatisfied please let us know so we can make it right.  We also offer a free resize but ask to please verify your size before ordering.

How To Find Your Ring Size

Frequently Asked Questions and Production Times

  • What is Carbon Fiber? Carbon Fiber is the lightest weight and strongest material on the planet. Your ring will weigh next to nothing, yet is stronger than steel.
  • Which Rings Glow Brightest? From brightest glow to least bright they are Emerald, Azure, Cobalt, Ice, Coral, Lavender, Lava, Fire
  • Which Rings Glow the Longest? From longest glow to least they are Emerald, Azure, Lavendar, Cobalt, Lava, Ice, Fire, Coral.
  • How Do Your Rings Glow? We use a photo luminescent material that charges in sunlight, uv light or bright LED and glows in the dark. It's the same material as high end diving watches.
  • How Long Does the Glow Last? This answer depends. It depends on the darkness of the room and the particular ring you buy. In a pitch black room, most rings glow all night long with the exception of orange, fire, lava and ice. They will glow a few hours but won't last a full 8. The more light in a room, the glow lasts less. For example in the middle of the day, your ring will still glow after being in the sun. Walk in the shade and it will glow for a minute or two. 
  • How Do You Charge a Ring? Walk into the sun for 30 seconds or hit it with a UV light or even your cell phone LED light will charge it in 30 seconds or less. 
  • Can It Get Wet? Absolutely. Carbon Fiber is water proof so you can get the ring wet without any issue. 
  • Does it cause allergies? It does not. In fact if you have traditional metal allergies, you can wear a carbon fiber ring. 
  • How long will it take for my ring to be made? Our small skilled team of crafters work diligently to fulfill your orders in a timely manner but because each is hand made to order this does take time. Right now we are delivering in about 5-6 weeks from the time you order! Check out this time-lapse video we made showing the process - https://youtu.be/g37II-hWjjI

Current Production Time Estimates

We have several designs ranging between 1 week to 6 week turnaround time depending on complication.  Below is each design category with information on each one.

  • Super Lume - 1-2 weeks
  • Limited Run Collection- 1-2 weeks
  • Apollo Lume - 2-3 weeks
  • Titanium Oracle, Titans, and Ghost Titans- 2-3 weeks
  • Pendants - 1-2 weeks
  • Channel Inlay Rings -  2-4 weeks
  • Aurora Carbon - 1-2 weeks
  • All Anodized Styles- 4-6 weeks