Quartz and Automatic watches may look the same on the outside, but they have very different internal operation. 

Quartz - Quartz watches are the lower cost watches. They utilize a movement that is powered by a battery. The battery on these watches typically needs to be changed once ever 2-3 years. Many people do not change the battery, though it is something that can be done with some very inexpensive tools. 

Automatic - Automatic watches are also known as mechanical because they self wind, or you can manually wind them which means you never have to change the battery. They command a higher price due to the cost and complexity of these movements. These watches typically last many many years and many last a lifetime. The movements themselves are generally longer lasting and have far more components. They are slightly heavier due to the components. 

Our automatic is a premium Japanese movement. It doesn't have the expensive price tag of the Swiss, but it has similar functionality, construction and accuracy. It's a very good value to make sure it lasts a long time, but the up front cost isn't astronomical.