Most Recent Update

We are anticipating an estimated shipping date of February 20th. Production is almost complete!!!!! 

Hi All. Here's an update page for the Apollo Watch Pre-Order (automatics only). 

First up, here's the short of where we are at with the pre-order and manufacturing. 

We're currently in the assembly phase. All internal parts are manufactured. As soon as the internals are assembled into the case, the bands will be put on and the backplate will be screwed on and sealed up. From there we will complete the bezels. The raw materials are made for the bezels and we've begun the process of cutting them out. 

Here's the new dial for reference.

Movement. The movement we are using is one of the top of the line automatic movements from Miyota. We selected this movement due to it's long battery life, slim profile, accuracy and the overall design (it's a more durable movement). Miyota was gracious enough to allow us to purchase a small run of just 150 of these movements. 

Dial. The new dial is carbon fiber with a date window. We also went with a slightly different green lume. The lume is the same as the last watch but it has a day pigment to it which makes it more attractive and flows better with the bezel on the edge.