Bead Bracelets and Glow

One of my favorite things is wearing jewelry. I suppose that's not a shock considering I've started many small businesses around jewelry. But not just any piece of jewelry. I love jewelry that is different. I love color and lack of color. Contrast and monochrome. It's hard to pick just one thing, but ultimately, it has to be something different than everything else out there. 

When I created and designed the glow in the dark super lume bead bracelets, it's because I saw other people wearing bead bracelets. When I dug into it, I noticed there really wasn't much glow bracelet jewelry out there. Hardly any at all. Most of what was out there was low cost synthetic stones. It was just plastic made to look like stones. It did look nice, but wasn't in line with what I was trying to do. 

I got to work. After probably about a year of trial and error, suppliers and other challenges. I got the gunmetal and super lume bead bracelet into production. I wanted a bead bracelet that glowed in the dark, but really really like the contrast against a gunmetal bead. 

One other thing I noticed is, you either have an elastic band that isn't that great because it's only one size or you spend quite a bit more and get a clasp and worry about sizing. I wanted these bracelets to fit a variety of wrists but just be easy. Large or small. Simple. 

At the end of the day, it's one of my favorite creations. It's very simple, but it sure beats the pants off most of the other stuff out there!


Glow in the dark bead bracelet by Rune Refinery