Thin Red Line Ring

Thin Red Line Ring

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About The Ring

We made this ring to honor the fire fighters that work so hard to keep us safe. We wanted something unique for them that is different than the apollo line up, something that really focuses on that thin line aspect. It was worth the additional effort and cost to develop the material to do it justice. This ring is red during the day and in the dark it glows FIRE. The fire color is a reddish orange that fades to an orange yellow and rests back at red. It's beautiful and a perfect representation of the thin red line. 

Ordering Info

This ring is limited. We have enough material to produce about 75 of these rings and then we are completely out. Please keep in mind we are hand making each ring and depending on our back log could be a week to three weeks. We're a very small operation. Just four guys working out butts off.