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About The Bundle

This might be the most intense, brightest, coolest, most legendary bundle offering of all time. There are some special products in here that make this bundle extraordinary and we have them listed below. 

Ring size will be selected via email after the purchase. 

Apollo Version 2 - $99

That's right, get the NEW apollo version 2 design before ANYONE ELSE. We will make you a ring out of the new Apollo Version 2 Carbon Fiber Prototype Plates. 

Super Lume Bracelet - $99

Thanks to a wonderful collaboration with Carbon 6 Rings, we were given 2 of each color of super lume bracelets to sell!

Super Lume Ring - $99

Get a matching super lume ring that is made from, pure, delicious, super lume. 

Super Lume Pendant Necklace - $89

You'll get a super lume pendant necklace to match

Super Lume Keychain - $25

We don't offer these anymore so this is a real treat. 

Laser Cut Rune Logo Keychain - $25

We only have a few more of these and we can't get more made. The laser burned down. We don't have this is Coral unfortunately but we will send a Fire keychain for the coral option. 

Total Cost Of Everything at full price (not the bundle price) $436