Carbon Fiber Lume Tech Shift Knob


These are available for nearly all cars. After you make your purchase simply send me an email to let me know the make model and year of your car and I will look up the threading information to know how to tailor it to your car. If for whatever reason, we can't fit it on your car, we will issue a full refund prior to ordering any raw materials or beginning to work on it. 

If you have any questions before hand, use our contact us form and I'll do my best to answer your questions. 

Because each one is custom made, after we begin on your shift knob there are no refunds. These use 100 layers of carbon fiber, custom threaded insert, and custom lume layers so the odds of another order of the same type are nearly impossible. 

These are made of approximately 100 layers of 12K carbon fiber layered and infused with high grade UV protectant epoxy. It is then hand cut with diamond blades. We layer in the lume color of your choice. 

The carbon fiber is so lightweight we used an aluminum center stock to give it a little more weight for better feeling shifts. The aluminum center stock is drilled, threaded and the exterior is knurled so we can permanently bond the carbon fiber and lume to the center stock. 

The exterior is the same diameter as the stock knob but it has a 120mm height where the stock knob is only about 45mm. 

COLORS AVAILABLE - The glow colors will be selected via email. We will contact you after you place your order to select any combination of the available glow colors.  

These are the available colors based on brightest glow to least brightest glow. 

Green, Aqua (pictured), Blue, white, purple (pictured) and red (fire). 

This is a proprietary Lume Tech we use. It is some of the brightest and longest lasting glow in the world and will easily out perform any high end diving watch on the market. It is glow in the dark lume so it does not glow during the day.

Green lasts up to 10 hours in a very dark room. Red (we call it fire) glows up to 45 minutes. The glow illuminates from sunlight or UV light. So when driving around in the sun and you go in a tunnel, parking garage or any sort of dark space, the glow will illuminate. 

How It's Made

Here's a quick video that shows what goes into making our rings. We hand craft each ring in house made specifically for you. We use the highest grade carbon fiber, ultra pure epoxy that has been cured and post cured for maximum strength, super bright glow and high grade materials across the board. 

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