FIRE Super Lume Ring

FIRE Super Lume Ring

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About The Ring

The Fire Super Lume Ring is handmade from ultra high concentrated glow epoxy. We cram as much glow material into the epoxy as we can to make it as bright as humanly possible. We chose epoxy instead of the more brittle polyester, because of its ability to handle more glow material as well as its strength. It is the brightest glow in the dark ring we offer and likely the brightest on the market. The fire super lume ring is red during the day and glows reddish, orange in the dark which is why we named it FIRE instead of just plain old red. 

Ordering Info

Rings are all handmade and ship as quickly as we can possibly make them. Between 1-3 weeks typically, but occasionally longer when we are backed up with too many orders.