Emerald Apollo 2X

Emerald Apollo 2X

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About The Design

The Apollo 2x is a broad version of the Apollo. It features 2 ultra bright glowing stripes in lieu of just one found on our Apollo Design. This is a broad ring and fits like a broad ring. We recommend ordering 1/2 size larger than a normal traditional ring because of the added width. 

This is also one of the first times we've offered a ring with a matte finish. We normally polish the crap out of our rings so they have a high gloss end finish but because of the broad nature of this ring we just thought it looked so cool with a matte finish. 

Ordering Info

We anticipate these rings will begin shipping in 2 - 4 weeks or less. They are handmade and just a hair over 1/2". They're essentially a double Apollo.

PS. Please excuse the picture of my ugly hand. We don't have hand models, but I felt it was important that you see how it looks being worn because of the width. 

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Rowel Romero


The Apollo 2x fits perfectly. Having abnormally large hands, it’s the perfect fit and feels just right and it looks amazing.

United States

Emerald Apollo 2X is the right fit

After trying several types and styles of rings carbon fiber rings. The EA2X is the right size and the glow. Other rings have seemed to have an uneven distribution of glow or just not enough. The width is also large enough for the size of my hand without being uncomfortable. I have one more ring on order to compare. It will to be a challenge to top the EA2X.


Great Ring

I love the look and feel of this ring. I prefer the size of this ring over the original Apollo. The only thing that drops down the rating is that I also have an Apollo Lume and really love the inner glow from that series.


Epic Ring

This ring is wonderful. This ring is more noticeable than my purple Apollo, even from far off. I've gotten plenty of compliments on it. I stick it in front of a lamp for a few minutes before going to sleep, and it's still got some charge left when I wake up 6 hours later. It glows brighter than my purple one, however, I'm not sure if that may be because of the color.

Daniel Baltazar

Simple, Elegant, Awesome!

This ring is easily at LEAST two times cooler than a regular Apollo ring. Three layers of beautiful carbon fiber waves on the side of the ring with two layers of glow. It's a thick, tough looking ring but in a classy way. This ring is the center of attention when walking into a room from outside during the day. If you're ok with being noticed or looking to stand out then I can think of the perfect piece for you.