Cobalt And Gunmetal Lume Wrist Band

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Wrist bands that will make a statement. These super lume bracelets are made with super lume beads that have been polished paired with hematite beads on an elastic flexible band. 


There are two sizes available. Small and Large. Small is 7.5 inches and large is 8.5 inches.There are 3 colors available. Emerald, Turquoise and Cobalt. Emerald glows the brightest and longest lasting from 1-8 hours. Turquoise is a close 2nd. Cobalt glow lasts up to 1-4 hours. The estimated glow is only an estimate based on the darkness of the room. The darker the room, the brighter and more intense the glow in the dark is. 


These are glow in the dark wrist bands. To charge up the super lume beads, simply take them in the sun for about 15 seconds. Any part of the bead exposed to the sunlight will begin to glow when you enter a dark room. You can also use a UV light (black light) to charge up the beads. 

Customer Reviews

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Kyler Miller
My new favorite bracelet!

Definitely my new favorite bracelet to wear now!

Brian Beckett
Sweet gear

Comfortable and a great glow!

Aydin W.
Sleek Product, Great Look!

I bought three of these bracelets, but this one is definitely my favorite! The blue and gunmetal go great together and with a lot of the clothing I wear. It has a decent weight to it and fits well around my wrist, which is slightly smaller than the bracelet. The blue glow in the dark is super cool. The only issue would be the elastic connecting the beads, little strands are hanging off of it that I had to cut, but otherwise great bracelet!

MIke C
Good looking bracelet

The bracelet itself is good looking, but the customer service is horrible…e-mails that won’t go through, Facebook posts that are ignored. I get that it’s a small operation but maybe get other methods of being able to contact so people like myself don’t have to wait 3 months for a bracelet

James Hughes
More Awesomeness

I've purchased quite a few of these...given some out as gifts and kept a few for myself. I absolutely love Rune Refinery products...there are none better!!!

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