Blue Opal Tungsten Amulet

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This is a blue opal with blue water glow hand inlaid into a tungsten pendant ring. The opal has a beautiful blue green color shift in the daylight with the backing of blue water glow. In the dark the blue water glow turns into a stunning turquoise that goes nicely with the blue green color shift of the opal. 



The opal is made from crushed up opal. The opal is very uniform and when light hits it, it shimmers, bounces and color shifts in a very beautiful and ethereal way. 


The glow charges in sunlight, UV light or a bright LED. A full charge can be achieved in only 10 seconds of direct sunlight. After a charge, it will glow in the dark. The glow intensity and duration is dependent on how dark the room is after a charge. The darker the environment, the brighter and longer lasting the glow effect will be.


We custom designed these tungsten circles to inlay into for necklaces. The reason we selected tungsten was for durability (tungsten is almost unscratchable) and for the weight. Tungsten is a very dense and heavy metal. This way even with the chain, it will rest nice and flat on your chest. 


The chain is a 3mm stainless steel box chain. A 24" long chain will be included free of charge. If you would like a 20" or 28" chain those are also available, put that in the notes at checkout or use our contact form with the length request. 

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David Crowell
Blue Opal Pendant

Great Craftsmanship and great looking design. I highly recommend getting one.

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