About The Design

This can be used as a cool ass keychain or a pendant necklace. We designed this piece based on inspiration from the iron man arc reactor. We refined the inpiration into a piece that everyone can wear. 

The reactor pendant is made with silver and our super lume glow in the dark material. We hand craft this design by carefully casting our super lume glow, shaping, sanding and polishing it. We 3d print our silver, then hand shape and polish it. 

The current photography shows a leather chord. The final product will be a black metal chain. 

How Glow Works

These are glow in the dark wrist bands. To charge up the super lume beads, simply take them in the sun for about 15 seconds. Any part of the bead exposed to the sunlight will begin to glow when you enter a dark room. You can also use a UV light (black light) to charge up the beads. 


We hand craft this piece using our super lume glow and real silver. We estimate a 4-6 week production timeline on this piece. 

Lifetime Warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty on all our designs. However, should a problem arrive, please fill out the contact form so we can make it right. 

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