Phantom Apollo Carbon Fiber Lume Watch


About The Watch

We made this watch with a unique glow on the edge. It has our phantom glow on the edge which is white during the day but glows deep red in the dark. It is the most expensive glow color we carry due to it's unique properties and color transformation. The carbon fiber used is a plain weave instead of the twill weave on the other Apollo Carbon Fiber Watches. 


The movement is a Miyota Super 2035 Quartz movement, but an automatic option is available too. It has a 5ATM rating. Stainless steel case with engraved logos, engraved crown and engraved buckle. It has a 43mm case.  22mm band wdith.

There is an option for an Emerald Automatic Movement too. 


The dial is our apollo dial which uses swiss super luminova, the same lume used in high end diving watches. There are two glow colors available. Photographed is the blue dial. An emerald dial is also available. The blue dial was our preferred pairing, but the emerald dial has a slightly more intense and long glow duration. 

Glow Details

Phantom glow is white during the day. It glows red in the dark. Keep in mind, the darker the room, the more red and the more intense the glow. The phantom glow doesn't have the longest glow duration of all the colors, but it is the most unique and most expensive. Red is the hardest glow color to get right. There's 3 main red glows. One that is red during the day but glows orange (which we call fire). Another that is peach during the day and glows a beautiful crimson red (but it is sulfur based so it can smell a bit) and this phantom glow which is white during the which makes it a very beautiful design and glows red in the dark. 


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