Jeweler's Blue Super Lume Wrist Band

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Wrist bands that will make a statement. These super lume bracelets are made with super lume beads tied together with a black elastic band. 


There are two sizes available. Small and Large. Small is 7.5 inches and large is 8.5 inches.There are 3 colors available. Emerald, Turquoise and Cobalt. Emerald glows the brightest and longest lasting from 1-8 hours. Turquoise is a close 2nd. Cobalt glow lasts up to 1-4 hours. The estimated glow is only an estimate based on the darkness of the room. The darker the room, the brighter and more intense the glow in the dark is. 


These are glow in the dark wrist bands. To charge up the super lume beads, simply take them in the sun for about 15 seconds. Any part of the bead exposed to the sunlight will begin to glow when you enter a dark room. You can also use a UV light (black light) to charge up the beads. 

Customer Reviews

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Nice color and my first order since the product line-up change

I had placed many orders on Rune's site but only had ordered lume rings and keychains before my July purchase of the super lume bands during the clearance offer that was hard to pass up. I may eventually be tempted enough to order something again for a special occasion gif so I am an intermittent buyer only. The bands were a bit out of my comfort zone when it comes to wearing almost any sort of jewelry aside from a Fitbit Versa watch or the aforementioned lume ring(s) as my mood changes. I was curious how the brightness and quality compared across other product lines and am impressed for the price paid without doing much research on competitors' sites. I really like the jeweler's blue color on the band and the size being a reasonable fit for my small wrist despite a moderate to wide hand. I opted for the small but ordered large in a different color to see which worked best and gifted those as part of my original plan. The beads generally feel smooth and slide freely with natural hand or arm movements but I do get the occasional arm hair being snagged and pulled or have to adjust it slightly which is not unusual for the type of elastic wrist band they are. I would like to see other forms of pendants, bands possibly with use of silicone in different colors and more varied designs of the lume keyrings. Shipping was quicker than I was expecting and this was a pleasant change from the former business model!

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