Titanium Pendant Glow Inlay


We make this pendant by hand, cutting the titanium, grooving it, chamfering the edges, in laying our super lume glow and hand finishing it. We use a braided leather band to hang it with a simple to use clasp for ease of putting it on and taking it off.


The dimensions of this piece are approximately 7mm wide, 3.825mm thick and 32mm outer diameter. It's just over an inch in diameter. 

The cord length is based on the length of the cord. When wrapped around the pendant, it will be just a tiny bit shorter than estimated. 


The glow works by being in the sunlight, using a UV light or a bright led to charge it up. After it will glow in the dark. The darker the room the longer and more intense the glow.

From brightest to least bright, Green, Turquoise, Blue, Ice, Purple, Orange, Fire. Green will last up to 8 hours in a very dark room. Fire will last up to 45 minutes in a very dark room. We put as much glow as possible into our lume so it is as bright as it possibly can be. 

Details About The Glow

We use neutral glow pigments as much as we can which have a white, grey or very light green tint. They glow brighter and longer. In the case of Ice glow, fire and orange, they will have a day appearance. Ice is white during the day and glows a very mystic light blue. Fire is red cherry red during the day but glows orange/red in the dark. Orange is orange both in the light and in the dark. 

The cord can be swapped for your own chain or cord. 

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