Jeweler's Blue Glow Crystal Pendant With Box Chain

$25 $100

A Lume crystal with a polished finish. Chains are sold separately and can be ordered here. This way you can decide if you want to wear it as a necklace or attach it to your keys. These are a wonderful reminder of something or someone influential in your life. For me, they are a reminder of what I have achieved in the last 6 years since making my first carbon fiber product.

There have been ups and downs, highs and lows. Running a business is hard for me and one as unique as Rune Refinery has challenges to overcome. Every time I walk inside and see the crystal light up, I'm reminded of of the victories I've experienced in creating unique products. It gives me strength and hope to continue driving forward.

I hope when these hang down near your heart, they will be a reminder of something or someone influential and important to you. 

The glow charges in the sunlight and glows in the dark after being exposed to UV light from the sun, a bright LED or a UV light. We used stainless steel on this design because we feel it looks nice and the box chain is a nice looking chain without a lot of fluff. It has a timeless shape and appearance. 

Customer Reviews

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Bill Johnson
Awesome piece

The chain is very nice and the glow is just the color I wanted.

David Crowell

Perfect size, the blue glow is less than the reactor I got few years ago. I have recieved several good comments on it. Fast shipping.

Rick Phelps

Like it, it’s fun , has a beet , and you can dance to it.

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