Blackened Sterling Silver Box Chain Bracelet


Blackened Silver has a very distinct appearance. The blackening slowly but surely wears off over a many many months and slowly goes from a black to an antiqued appearance. We're big fans of blackened silver. After all, blackened silver is how you naturally find silver. Miners don't search for silver colored veins in rocks, they're looking for black veins.

  • Blackened Silver - Polished before blackening
  • Customizable Sizes
  • Medium Chain (3mm)
  • Easy To Use Clasp

These ship within roughly a week so pretty quick. We offer size exchanges on these in case you order the wrong size. If the blackening wears off, we can re-blacken the silver. Contact us for more information. 

Customer Reviews

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David Crowell
Blackened Silver Snake Chain & Opal Pendant

They were both outstanding and great craftsmanship. Opal Pendant needs a way to connect securely on chain.

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