Apollo Carbon Fiber Ring

Apollo Carbon Fiber Ring

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It's brighter, longer lasting and engineered to perfection. This design is the perfected version of our iconic design that blasted Rune Refinery into the stratosphere. A single, bright, glow in the dark, lume stripe right down the middle sandwiched by strong, lightweight carbon fiber with comfortable shaping made this design what it is. What makes this design unique is that the stripe is perfect. It's a single stripe of super lume that has been sandwiched between infused carbon fiber. It's unique simplicity is what makes it such an iconic design. We designed this design to be an affordable, hand crafted carbon fiber, lume ring that is perfect as a daily wear or mix and match depending on the occasion. 

How it works

It requires 30 seconds of sunlight, a uv light (aka black light), or just about any bright light will charge it up. It glows in the dark and the darker the room, the longer and more intense the glow is just like the lume on a high end diving watch. 

From brightest to least bright are Emerald (green), Aqua (out of stock), Cobalt (blue), Ice (white), Fire (red), Coral (orange). The green will last a full 8 hours where as the coral will only last about an hour or so. 

Carbon Fiber is hypoallergenic, people with traditional metal allergies can wear these rings. Because it's made of carbon fiber makes it extremely lightweight and durable. 

Ordering Info

This is a level 1 ring design which means any of our trained makers at Rune Refinery can make it. We hand craft each ring in our shop in Gilbert, Arizona. To see what the levels are and what an estimated production time for each level is, click here. 

If you need a size not listed, please order the biggest or smallest size and then shoot us an email with the size you neeed. We can make them from size 3-18 but our system has limitations on how many options we can offer. 

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I keep showing it off to everyone

I ordered one of these in aqua after reading some reviews. This ring is awesome. Putting it under a UV light for a few seconds, I could legitimately read a page of a book with this ring. It's also really lightweight and fits as expected. Could not be happier with this purchase!


Absolutely incredible gift, he loves it!

I got their Apollo v2 ring aqua, size 7.25 for my boyfriend for me and his 3 year anniversary, and let me say this, it is absolutely amazing!! It arrived dead on the morning if me and his anniversary June 3, he was so happy with the ring!! It glows his favorite color and fits his style. My boyfriend likes sleek but noticable rings that arent blingy. And this is perfect, sleek by day and glowing by night. I have a uh light that is with my fish tank, and I used that to go charter the ring during the night, and when I presented it to my boyfriend I placed it on his bed while he was in the restroom and turned off the lights and omg, that ring was like a real star in the night, when we woke up the next morning, the ring was still glowing!! Rune refinery has excellent customer service, the person who responds to all the customers emails is Amber, and she is absolutely amazing, she tries her very best to make sure that your ring gets to you and makes any adjustments if needed. for me, I had realized thar my boyfriends ring size is more of a 7.25, (it's actually 7, but he gets nervous if the ring is too tight), so i was able to reach out to them through sending an email, and then got it resized to a 7.25 (you have to send an email for quarter measurments). So yeah, it's been like only a couple of days, and my boyfriend works as a bartender, and he always gets a compliment from someone, I'm low key jelly, should a kept the ring for my self, lol.. so I would definitely check put this small business'products, they are hand made and good quality rings, truly, I absolutely support Rune Refinery's passions and wish then the best! Ps. Please have patience when ordering rings, and be appropriate and kind in your emails

michael angulo

f**k'n amazing ring

so i just got my apollo V2 in the mail today im really digging it its supper light the fit is perfect and the glow is crazy cool this ring is my new wedding band