CORE Carbon Fiber Lume Pendant

CORE Carbon Fiber Lume Pendant

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We made this design after many many customers have asked us to make and develop a necklace to match their rings. With a little thought, we did just that. We essentially took a carbon fiber ring design and embellished it. We made the carbon fiber and lume portions beefier. This means a better design overall with extremely bright lume. The one challenge we faced was drilling the holes for the chain to pass through. With a little ingenuity and a self made jig, we did it. The holes are perfect for the chain to sit snuggly in and hole the necklace flat. 

Ordering Info

Just like everything we offer, we hand make these in house. No factories create these so please be patient as we are making it for you. We have multiple colors available that are pure glow so they charge simply in the sunlight or a uv light.