Watch us in 2019

2018 was a blur. It's crazy that we're approaching our second full year in business (March/April). We have some HUGE plans for 2019 for growth, new deisgns, products and many other things. There is one in particular that we're DYING to share with you

A WATCH! That's right, the Apollo Watch by Rune is coming soon and we just completed the first two prototypes and we want to tell you about this design. 

Lume hands, dials and faces have been done, many times in fact. We have no interest in doing the same exact thing as everyone else. We've taken our watch and made it modular. We can customize it, just like our rings. We can add various materials to it and mix and match and rearrange. It's the first carbon fiber glow watch ever like this. 

The reason we took 3 years (Tyler from Carbon Fi has been trying to produce a watch since before Rune Refinery was hatched) is so that we could do it differently, better. After failed attempt after failed attempt, we finally designed something that we can customize for you in an artistic way. 

Imagine this. 

We make this watch so you can select if you want carbon fiber, titanium, damascus steel, lume, gold, silver, fordite, resin, trustone, or whatever beautiful material we can figure out can be placed on the watch. We can mix and match and do all sorts of various designs. 

You know the best part, you could have a ring and watch that match perfectly. Not just a ring that has the same glow color as your watch no no, we're talking about a ring and watch combo that are made from the same materials by the same company in the same shop. 

We're not aware of anyone else that has done something like this in our space before and we hope you'll join us and follow along. Kickstarter expected to launch in February. Stay Tuned.

Apollo Carbon Fiber Lume Watch