The Gateway Carbon Fiber and Lume Ring

This ring is the perfect ring for someone that wants a carbon fiber ring that is hypo-allergenic, likes lume but doesn't necessarily want it in your face bright. This design hides the glow on the edges and really is only visible in the dark. 

Carbon fiber is notoriously the strongest when it is in two parts separated by a core. As an engineering material that is ultra strong, this ring pays homage to carbon fiber as a material and more importantly the engineering use of carbon fiber that is the most strong. 

We sandwich our super lume glow in between two carbon fiber layers. This is a 3 part ring bonded with high strength epoxy to make it a beautiful and durable ring. 

It is not always available on our site because of the complexity of the design. If you'd like to order it, here is the link. If it is unavailable, then ordering is closed and you will want to sign up for our email list to find out when we release it again.