Gateway Carbon Fiber Ring

We're pleased to announced the new Gateway Carbon Fiber Ring. This carbon fiber ring is unique because it glows in the dark. It is made by sandwiching two pieces of carbon fiber around a glow in the dark super lume. The carbon fiber is made ultra thin so the ring is comfortable to wear, but also very unique. On the outside it looks like any normal carbon fiber ring, but from the sides you'll notice a subtle presence of glow in the dark. We use our ultra high concentration of glow in the dark material for these so it glows bright and for a long time. It is the same glow in the dark material used in our Super Lume Rings and our Oracle Designs

The gateway's design is primarily focused on subtlety. In some cases, people are obsessed with glow in the dark, but at times it's nice to be subtle with it as well. in this case it has the appearance of a normal carbon fiber ring, but on the side is where the glow illuminates. It's almost completely unnoticeable until it glows, which is the point. It pairs well with a watch that has lume hands and dials. Also just fine on it's own, but the point is that you can get it to go along with other accessories, clothing or even the interior lights of your car. All in all, it's a really unique design and it's for style and fun!

We love designing new rings and designs and our focus has primarily been carbon fiber and glow however we've found that we really enjoy titanium, gold, silver and other materials to be used in rings. Who knows, maybe we'll have a gateway ring made with titanium instead.