Big Moves for Rune Refinery

Thanks to our wonderful customer's support of our little business, we're growing and improving. We're constantly innovating and trying new things to improve....well EVERYTHING. We want to thank you for your support. Let me explain briefly what your support has done for us. This goes WAY beyond your expectations.

You have given us jobs to provide a living for our families. You've allowed us to chase our dreams. We buy primarily all of our materials, carbon, titanium, and most of our materials from small makers like us. You not only supported our small business and our families, but you've supported businesses that we support. Richter Scale Rings. Element Ring Co. Carbonwaves. Earthchunks. Skur Composites. Patrick Adair Designs. Smith Crafters. Carbon Fi. Barrel Basics. Anilocarbon and many MANY more. These are all small businesses that we work with and I know them personally. Most of them have families and you've supported this entire network by buying something from Rune Refinery. We are all grateful. THANK YOU.


We've developed an internal system to become more organized and efficient. It's a levels of ring making difficulty. Level 1 rings are the easiest to make and we typically have our newer ring makers making exclusively those designs. Level 2 rings are two part and occasionally 3 part rings that are slightly more complex. We have officially promoted one of our Level 1 ring makers to be an experienced level 2 ring maker.

That means for level 2 rings, we will have shorter wait times. Level 2 rings are 2 part rings usually comprised of a separate liner (interior) and exterior that is bonded together. It is a more technical design and after he has made roughly 2,000 Level 1 rings we've trained him to make more technical rings.

In addition we took our lead maker and promoted him to production manager. Not only is he in charge of making our most complicated designs, but he's also responsible for getting orders made and shipped quickly so we don't have as long of wait times. This means, moving forward, we will be more methodical, organized and efficient getting orders made and shipped. 

The organization is key because we intend to hire another maker in the next couple months or so. 2019 is going to be a big year. 


We are still prototyping our first watch. That will be available very soon. We plan on launching a Watch Kickstarter, Apollo V2 Kickstarter and several other secret designs we haven't even announced. We're also developing new ground breaking material development processes to create new, unique materials that currently don't exist. We've got mountains of prototyping to do as well. 

Thank you again for your support!