About Rune's Makers

Rune Refinery is group of innovators comprised on entrepreneurs and makers who came together with one solid mission; to make rad carbon fiber glow rings more affordable. We all have a combined 21 years of experience in the entrepreneur and maker space. We each bring something different to the table. 

  1. Tyler Wright - is the mastermind behind Rune Refinery. He successfully runs another company called Carbon Fi. His rings over there are boutique, designer rings. He identified that his rings were out of the price range for many of his followers and came up with the idea of Rune Refinery as a way to join several other entrepreneurs to make similar rings more affordable by simplifying the designs. 
  2. Dan Poulsen - is the experience behind Rune. He ran Mica Move for 10 years before moving to Match Grade Ring Co where he is innovated wearable rings for gun fanatics. He has become a maker and designer and is the glue that keeps our operation running. The dude is a genius and has new ideas nearly hourly flowing out of his finger tips. His eye for design is unmatched. 
  3. Blaze Malan - is the operations guy. He handles our day to day operations, production and is a machine! He is launching two new businesses soon, one is with his wife called Nature Encased and the other is with Tyler called Barrel Basics
  4. Dallin Wright - is Tyler's younger brother and the dude can work a lathe like no one knows. He is fast, efficient and no human being can accomplish more within a one hour time span than this dude. He is the owner of Anilo Carbon

Together, the four of us make up Rune Refinery. Possibly more carbon fiber talent under one roof than possibly anywhere else in the ring making community! We work our butts off to make rad products and to make them affordable so everyone can wear something unique and cool.